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  For every stay, a one time cleaning fee of CHF 90.-- will be charged at the end of your stay. Should you require cleaning during your stay, we can provide a cleaning lady at the hourly rate of CHF 35.--.

Phone & Internet Charges
  The phone line and all incoming calls are included in the rental price. Outgoing national calls are charged at the regular "swisscom fixnet" tariff, with a 15% service surcharge for our administrative expenses. International numbers can be called with a prepaid phone card, for information on where to buy such a card and how to use it, please contact us, we will gladly assist you. WLAN (Wi-Fi) internet access is provided free of charge.

Payment terms
  Payment is in cash or bank transfer upfront for the complete duration of your stay. Payment is made to the management company of the building who will provide a tax receipt. Payment is accepted in Swiss Francs only, no credit cards can be accepted at this stage - sorry...

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